Offshore Company
formation in U.A.E

Unique features of offshore company formation in Dubai

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Unique advantages of offshore business setup

Offshore company formation presents significant advantages for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Establishing an offshore company allows for enhanced confidentiality while operating within a stable economy, backed by robust safety measures. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers a range of offshore company setup advantages that make it an attractive choice.

Confidentiality is a key feature of offshore companies, as they are designed to protect your financial information. There is no requirement to disclose your financial details publicly, and any filings made to the government are treated with the highest level of secrecy. These filings are primarily aimed at ensuring compliance with regulations governing offshore company operations.

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Unique Advantages

Offshore company formation offers enormous advantages for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Minimize tax obligations : Setting up an offshore company can provide a legal means to minimize your business taxation. Non-resident companies frequently benefit from tax exemptions or reduced tax rates based on the jurisdiction they operate in.

Low capital and reduced administration : One significant advantage of setting up an offshore company is the minimal capital requirement. Additionally, the need for a physical office can be addressed by utilizing virtual office services.

Limited Liability : LLC company formation in Dubai offers investors the advantage of safeguarding their personal assets while enjoying the freedom to invest in offshore companies. Their liability is limited to the capital share they hold in the company.

Low maintenance and setup cost : The procedures for setting up offshore company is relatively simple and fast. Establishment and maintenance requires lower cost when compared to other.

Easy transactions : Offshore companies can easily create a safe and seamless environment for financial transactions within the jurisdiction and from all over the world.

Low Operational Costs : Operating costs for offshore companies are significantly reduced since there is no requirement to lease premises or hire staff. It is possible to manage an offshore company in Dubai or other emirates through registered firms, further contributing to cost savings.

What are the steps for starting a
Offshore Company in U.A.E?

Unlocking Success & Potential through simple steps

Understand Business goals & Select offshore location

By gaining clarity on your specific requirements and activities, we can determine the ideal offshore location that best aligns with your company's needs.

Collect Documents from Company

We will request you to provide the list of documents mentioned in the previous section. Documents must be submitted to the registrar while submitting the application form.

Select Trade name & fill up Applictaion form

Provide us with a minimum of three company names and your preferred choice. Additionally, we will require a comprehensive list of your intended business activities, relevant documentation, and a completed application form to submit to the authorities.

Approval & Issuance of License

Upon meeting the requirements, the authorities will issue the trade name quickly under the government guidelines, which completes the whole process.

Benefits of setting
up a Offshore company in U.A.E

Stable and business-friendly legal system

Separation and protection of assets

Shareholders or directors not required to register their details and name for public record

No trade barriers or any other foreign exchange controls

Flexible regulatory regime

Gateway to international markets

Complete ownership of your company

No paid-up capital requirement.

Tax Neutrality

Access to global funding

Maintain confidentiality in the business dealings

Full repatriation of funds and allows multi-currency transactions

Offshore Locations

Where to start your offshore company setup in U.A.E ?

RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC)

RAK offshore company formation offers a cost-effective solution with a Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure, providing limited liability. Moreover, there are no activity restrictions in this offshore location.

With our services, you won't need to personally visit the authorities for company incorporation as our agents will handle all the requirements. Preparing a tenancy contract before incorporation is also not necessary.

By choosing RAK offshore, you gain advantages such as a corporate bank account in the UAE, 100% foreign ownership, and the requirement of only one director.

Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA)

Jebel Ali serves as a prominent business hub with a combination of free zone companies and offshore companies. It offers convenient access to one of the world's largest shipping ports. Many offshore companies in Dubai choose to operate from Jebel Ali.

When incorporating an offshore company in Dubai, there is no obligation to pay corporate tax, income tax, personal tax, or any other taxes. There are also no minimum capital requirements. However, it is necessary to maintain accounting records and undergo a statutory audit.