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Avail the expertise of our professional consultants to establish your business in Dubai Mainland.

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Company Set up

Unique advantages of U.A.E Mainland company formation

Our company specializes in assisting with the formation of mainland businesses in Dubai. By officially registering in the relevant Emirate, you gain exclusive opportunities to operate both within the UAE and internationally with minimal restrictions.

Our team can guide you through the planning and structuring process to establish your organization successfully. Dubai, being a hub for business activities, offers abundant opportunities for conducting diverse operations. Opting for a mainland business setup in Dubai and the UAE is ideal for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a lasting presence in the region.

The recent legislative changes have significantly expanded the advantages of setting up a business in the UAE by removing the requirement of selecting a local partner for certain commercial operations when establishing a Limited Liability Company. This update eliminates previous obligations and further enhances the appeal of UAE business setup, offering exceptional benefits for entrepreneurs and investors.

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Unique Advantages

Get help from our professional consultants for your business setup in Dubai Mainland.

Legal Forms of the Business : Local companies in the UAE can be categorized into commercial, industrial, and professional businesses based on the nature of their activities. Each type of business activity has specific requirements outlined by the law.

Professional Nominal Service : When establishing a professional company, it is necessary to have a contract with a local agent who is not a shareholder but serves the purpose of representing the company's interests in state bodies.

Business Licensing : To conduct a legal business in the United Arab Emirates, obtaining a license is essential. The license serves as the primary authorization document for a company's operations. It remains valid for one year and must be renewed annually, with the obligation to pay renewal fees.

Legal Address : Under UAE legislation, it is mandatory for companies to have a physical office or commercial premises that are licensed under Ejari/Estidama regulations. This requirement includes the premises being renewable and leased for a minimum duration of one year.

Nominal Service : The use of a nominee shareholder offers advantages such as enhanced trust from banks and counterparties, protection against controlled foreign companies (CFC), and the option to obtain a waiver of rights and management through Dubai court for nominal services.

Management of a Company : After the formation of a Dubai mainland company, the owner has the flexibility to appoint up to five General Managers. The rights and powers of these managers within the company are outlined and specified in the memorandum of association (MoA). Additionally, the owner can appoint different managers for distinct business operations.

What are the steps for starting a Mainland Company in U.A.E?

Unlocking Success & Potential through simple steps

Prepare your Business Model

We will identify the optimal solution to help you achieve your goals, including selecting the most suitable license and business structure for your enterprise.

Register your Business

Through close collaboration with registration authorities, we expedite the process of mainland company setup services, ensuring quick and efficient delivery.

Find Local Partner or Agent

Suntech offers nominee services for Dubai mainland company formation

Prestigious Legal Address

At our business center, you have the opportunity to lease an office space under Ejari/Estidama license, rent flexible desks, or opt for an E-office setup.

Opening of Bank Accounts

With our in-depth understanding of the compliance process of UAE banks and our close collaboration with them, we offer expert assistance in successfully navigating KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements.

Public Relations Officers (PRO)

Through our PRO (Public Relations Officer) services, our clients receive round-the-clock support and representation for their interests with governmental bodies, immigration authorities, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

Benefits of setting
up a Mainland company in U.A.E

Opportunity to Bid on Tenders

Form Holding Companies and Other Business Structures

No limit on the number of visas

Flexibility of conducting business activities in local as well as foreign market.

Obtain Tax Residency

Keep Personal and Financial Data confidentiality

Office premises can be based anywhere in mainland Dubai.

No paid-up capital requirement.

Protect Assets and Property

Optimize Cash Flows and Transactions

Accessibility and brand visibility

Commercial License, Professional License, Trade License, and Industrial License.

What are the main licensing options under
Department of Economic Development (DED)?

Limited Liability Company : For conducting commercial activities in Dubai, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the commonly utilized form of a commercial license. It is widely preferred for mainland business setup in Dubai.

Representative Office : The main purpose of establishing a representative office is to promote the parent company's business and enhance its reach. A mandatory requirement for a representative office is the appointment of a UAE national as a local service agent.

Professional License : A professional license for a Dubai mainland company is commonly granted for businesses providing services, skills, or expertise. The company structure can be either a sole establishment or an LLC.

Branch Office : A branch office license is an extension of a local or foreign company, lacking separate legal identity. It requires approval from the UAE Ministry of Economy and a UAE national as a local service agent.

Mainland Locations

Where to start your mainland company setup in U.A.E ?

Dubai Mainland

Dubai provides a conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurs, fostering a supportive environment. Setting up a business in Dubai offers opportunities to engage in local market trading and enables expansion to international markets.

Abu Dhabi Mainland

Abu Dhabi has emerged as one of the world's fastest-growing economies, undergoing continuous advancements. As a result, it has become an excellent choice for establishing a business. To commence operations, entrepreneurs are required to register their company with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development.

Sharjah Mainland

Sharjah, one of the emirates in the UAE, is experiencing significant growth as an industrial hub. It has become an ideal destination for businesses in the service-oriented and industrial sectors. Due to its strategic location, Sharjah serves as a major trading zone, attracting a substantial influx of business opportunities.

Ajman Mainland

Ajman is a thriving destination for both local and international entrepreneurs, offering numerous lucrative business opportunities for accelerated growth. We provide comprehensive business setup solutions, catering to start-ups, SMEs, and large enterprises in Ajman. The process of company formation in Ajman, UAE, is hassle-free and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for business ventures.